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Margie Russomanno - Voice Over

Margie is a voice over, singer, songwriter, recording artist, and guest speaker.  She has been invited to speak at conferences in Los Angeles, Greece, Turkey and 29 Palms Marine Base.   Her recent CD release, "All I Need" was in the #1 position on Reverbnation's Christian/Gospel Chart for six months and in the top ten for years.  She has over a million YouTube views.

She has been the Newscaster/Host for Foursquare International Headquarters’ podcast “The Foursquare  Leader Minute” which broadcasted around the globe. She served as a Co-Host on "In The Garden" a cable TV variety program which aired nationally. 

Margie works in Digital Performer.  Her microphone selections are Microtech Gefell UM70, David Pearlman Handmade Tube Microphone TM1 and Shure SM7B, using Universal Audio Preamps and Universal Audio Mixdown plugins in an acoustically treated environment. 

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